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8:00 PM on Zee Action


Pooja and Chander Kapoor have a heart-to-heart conversation on the telephone. When they finally meet and all is reveal they both fell in love with each other; Chander lives with his advocate dad Dilip Dev Kapoor while Pooja lives a wealthy but stressful family life with her alcoholic dad, her Dai Maa and a self-senile mother. Unfortunately for them Pooja's parents would like her to marry a person of their choice; this pits Chander against them. Then one day Pooja goes missing and the police headed by a rowdy inspector Mathur arrests Chander for abducting her much to his shock. Then Chander escapes from police custody and begins a man-hunt for Pooja.


Bobby Deol

Chander Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor


Ashok Saraf


Mukesh Rishi

Sapna's brother

Rahul Dev


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